Barbiecore FAQs

What is the Barbiecore Trend?

As most trends, Barbiecore all about the "aesthetic." This specific aesthetic means lots of pink and lots lots of sparkles, but worn in a stylish and chic way. Pink dresses, pink skirts, pink tops, and anything else pink, especially hot pink, goes! You can dress it up with a cocktail dress or dress it down with casual bottoms, like a skirt, and a cute top! And never hesitate to thrown on a hot pink jacket or blazer either! 

The popularity of Barbiecore was already on the rise, but it skyrocketed once the new "Barbie" movie starring Margot Robbie was announced! Celebrity stylist, Britt Theodora, says the trend is only just about wearing hot pink, but it’s also “embracing, as Barbie would, a ‘more is more’ energy,” she explains. “Matching your shoes, bag, jewelry and accessories is imperative.”

Who Started Barbiecore?

While "Barbie" fashion has been around for years, the hot pink trend saw a rise in popularity after the new "Barbie" movie was announced. TikTok, the most popular social media platform around, was also a huge factor in this trend's popularity. Creators all over the app began putting together their own "Barbiecore" outfits with cute dresses, rompers, and 2 piece sets paired with the perfect accessories by using #barbiecore when sharing their videos. So far, that one hashtag has gained over 78.5M views on TikTok!