How To Master Sparkle Nails In 4 Easy Steps

Posted on 05 August 2016

Ready to step-up your mani game? Sparkle nails are quickly becoming a nail icon as we begin to transition into fall. Celebs like Rita Ora and Kate Perry are rocking this look from red carpet appearances to concert performances. This design is definitely our new go-to! Don’t be frightened by the process, this sleek and subtle design is fun and easy to do. Now the question you've been dying to ask, how is it done? Follow our step-by-step guide below to see how easy this nail design can really be!


Materials Needed: 

Solid nail polish color                             Nail polish remover

Sparkle top coat polish                          Q-tips 

Top coat


Blu Spero’s steps to mastering the sparkle nail design:

1. Apply a base color of your choice (we used 'Don't Ever Stop by OPI)

2. Then take your favorite gold glitter and apply one coat throughout nails (we used 'Gaining Mole-mentum' by OPI)

3. Now MORE GLITTER! Apply another coat to only the tips of each nail

4. Add your favorite top coat to give your nails that perfect shine and that long lasting stay (we are currently loving Top Coat Gloss by OPI) 


 Helpful trick: clean up around your nails by sticking a q-tip in nail polish remover.


These trending nails are perfect for your everyday look whether it’s shopping with the besties in our ‘Born To Tie Top’ or going out with the girls in ‘Wrapped In Rose Dress.’ This sparkled design will always keep your nails on point. 




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