Find the best Rush Week outfits for 2021.

Rush week with sorority sisters on the prowl for new pledges can be a jungle, and you need to get prepared. What you wear during this week matters a lot, especially since the girls can’t get to know everything about you in such a short amount of time. Let Blu Spero guide you in the right direction with our great selection for Rush Week!

Round 1 - Open House/Ice Water  

For round one, You’ll be visiting all sorority houses over two days. That means we’ve got twice the shopping to do! The welcome round, or “Ice Water,” is a bit dressier, so think along the lines of what you’d wear on a fun date. You can stick with a skirt, shorts, venture out with decorative pants, or take one step forward in our plaid mini dress. You don't have to wear heels/wedges/booties for this round, but you totally can if you want to. 

Round 2 - Philanthropy/Service Day

Service Day is for learning about the sorority’s philanthropy. Sometimes you will do crafts, and other times you will hear about the charity. The round is the most laid-back outfit day. You may receive a recruitment T-shirt for this round, which you can accessorize however you choose. You can pair the T-shirt with jeans, fun pants, a skirt, or appropriate-length shorts

If you don’t receive a shirt, you get to select your entire look! You’ll want to dress like you’re going to church or a first date, but don’t go overboard with the dress and heels just yet. We recommend comfy flats or sandals during ice water since you’ll be on your feet the entire time.

Round 3 - Sisterhood 

This round is when you’ll see each sorority’s recruitment video, and you may also take a tour of the sorority house. Sisterhood is dressier than Ice Water but not quite as formal as Preference (Round 4). For this outfit, you should think of something you would wear to a birthday dinner or brunch. Our Parisian Blu Plaid Babydoll Dress seems perfect for this event! Wedges or platforms can be great picks during Sisterhood. We recommend these strappy wedges—they are super comfortable! 

Round 4 - Preference Night 

This round is your final chance to talk to your remaining sororities before bid day. By this point, you’ll usually talk to someone you’ve already spoken with during a previous round. This round is your chance to emphasize your interest in the chapter and prove why you would be a great fit while also continuing to connect with your sorority girl.

Since preference night is the most serious and formal of the rounds, save your best look for last. Think cocktail dresses that you might sport for a family wedding for sorority rush, and again, let your style peek through! Our top pick for this event is the Captivate Me One Shoulder Dress, a solid satin one-shoulder short sleeve dress featuring elastic at the waist with self-tie closure, ruffle detail at hem, built-in shorts. And lightweight is the PREF dress for this night. 

We Have You Covered for All of Your 2021 RUSH Needs! 

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July 01, 2021 by Alexis Bratton